Products for irrigation systems

We import and distribute a complete set of equipment for irrigation systems such as pop-up sprinklers, sprinklers, controllers, rain sensors, valves, couplings, fittings, drip pipes, drippers, manholes, hydrants…

We offer equipment from the world leading manufacturers. We are the official distributor of K-RAIN products for automatic irrigation systems.

K-RAIN is the leading and most innovative manufacturer of automatic irrigation in the world and the founder of the company Karl Ka has more than 90 registered patents when it comes to irrigation.

It is interesting that K-RAIN is the owner of a patented mechanism that is in the K-RAIN RPS75 rotor, which HUNTER company currently uses in their PGP rotor.

A 5 year warranty on many K-RAIN products confirms the quality of the equipment.

K-RAIN automatic watering systems, with our experience and knowledge, are the best solution for your lawn!

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