Maintenance of irrigation systems

The top quality of K-RAIN products that we install in automatic irrigation systems, makes their maintenance very easy. A 5 year warranty on most K-RAIN products confirms the quality of the irrigation systems.

Maintenance of irrigation systems involves the following actions:

  • Before starting up the system it is necessary to insert an appropriate new battery in the control unit – the controller. If the controller is unplugged it should be plugged in. Program the desired watering regime.
  • If there is a valve to drain the water from the irrigation system it should be closed, as well as the valves in the zones, if they are open.
  • Make sure that by any chance some of the sprinklers and other parts of the irrigation system are not damaged. Replace damaged sprinklers, nozzles and other parts of the system.
  • Clean the valves, filters and nozzles from dirt and lime scale, if it is not done when the system disconnected for the winter.
  • Try how all parts of the irrigation systems functions and put it into work.
  • During the watering season, if necessary, adjust the watering regime to the weather and other environmental conditions.
  • At the end of the season the irrigation system should be prepared for the winter. The command unit – you can turn off the controller, the battery for maintaining the controller memory should be removed and replaced with a new in the spring. Close the main valve on the pipe that supply the system with water and empty the pipeline from water by opening the drain valve. Automatic drain valves make this job much easier. The pipeline can also be emptied by blowing through it with the help of a compressor. The rain sensor should be protected from the destructive influence of ice. Clean the filter, valves, sprinkler and nozzles from dirt and lime scale.

In addition to design and installation of automatic irrigation systems, we offer their regular maintenance.

If you want to maintain the irrigation system that we have installed yourselves, in addition to the instructions we gave you, you can get technical support in our company at the following address:

NATURALIST D.O.O. Beograd, Petra Konjovića 12-ž

or by calling one of the following numbers:

  • +381(0)11 3514-899
  • +381(0)63 332081

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