Garden and park design

A beautiful and functional garden is not a coincidence. A good design is a precondition for this.

We design parks, private and residential gardens, areas around commercial, apartment and other buildings.

Our solutions are creative and attractive. We strive to fully meet the wishes and needs of the clients, at the same time respecting the rules of the profession. Special attention is given to the selection of plants, while paying attention to their aesthetic and biological characteristics.

The conceptual project defines the basic look of the garden, the position and arrangement of garden elements (paths, sidewalks, pergolas, fountains, swimming pools, playgrounds …) and the basic layout of plant species.

The master project is based on the conceptual. In other words, when we develop the master project, we have to go through a creative process that is typical for the conceptual project.

The master project is much more comprehensive and includes all the necessary elements for a precise construction of all elements.

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