Bio-pools and swimming ponds

Naturalist designs and builds bio-pools and swimming ponds that represent a unique combination of aesthetics, wellness and technology that is completely harmless to the environment. In a visual sense, swimming ponds are often copies of natural lakes. You can swim in them, as well as enjoy the natural environment consisting of water, stones and plants.

What makes bio-pools and swimming ponds different from classical pools is the way they are built, and especially the way of water purification which is natural, without the use of chemicals. They are intended for true nature lovers who prefer swimming in a natural environment and who enjoy cultivating plants that are part of these beaches.

Bio-pools and swimming ponds are composed of two parts that can make a visual unity. One part is used for swimming, and the other is for regeneration, that is, water purification. In the area of regeneration are plants that create ideal conditions and habitat for microorganisms that facilitate water filtration. The water passes through the sand and pebbles and is continuously cleaned by microorganisms that live there. The plants in this zone create a unique natural environment and form a harmonious transition to the rest of the greenery in the garden.

The maintenance of the water in the pools can be supported by the instalment of BIO-UV and other filters that also purify water without chemicals.

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