Pool design

The main precondition for building a beautiful and functional pool with crystal clear water is a good plan, whose development should be entrusted to experts. Our design team prepares conceptual and master plans for classic pools, bio-pools and swimming ponds. A team of creative and responsible engineers guarantees a good quality of the plans. The designers have years of experience and necessary licenses, not only in design but also in their construction.

The master plan for a classic pool, a bio-pool or a swimming ponds may also include the following:

  • architectural and construction plan
  • hydraulic installations plan
  • electrical installations plan
  • greening plan (this is an obligatory part of the plan for bio-pools and swimming ponds)

Each of these parts is virtually a separate plan which in conjunction with the rest makes the master project of the pool, the bio-pool or the swimming pond. The content of the individual plans changes depending on the type of swimming facility that is designed.

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