Classical pools

These pools, due to their simplicity and cost effectiveness, are still the most wanted and most prevalent, both in private gardens and in public complexes.

The walls and bottom of the pool is usually made of reinforced concrete and laid with glass mosaic tiles. They can be isolated with pool liners. We also offer polyester pools. Small polyester pools are delivered and installed in one piece, and the bigger in several parts.

Pools can be skimmer or overflow, depending on the water circulation system.

In the overflow pools water flows over the pool rim. The water comes to the compensation tank, where the pump pumps it to the filter, through floor nozzles and returns it into the pool. The advantage of the overflow pool compared to the skimmer is that the water is filtered more evenly and better. Therefore, public pools usually work this way. The flaw of the overflow pools is that they are more expensive than the skimmer.

Skimmer pools have skimmers that retain larger floating impurities and lead the water from the pool to the pump that pumps it into the filter. The water usually returns from the filters to the pool through wall nozzles.

The water quality in classic pools is maintained through a system of mechanical filtration and chemical treatment.

The prices of pools vary depending on the type, size, final processing, type of filtration and other equipment, as well as the level of automation.

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