Fountain construction

NATURALIST’s experienced, professional and hardworking team builds fountains of different shapes, sizes and styles with great responsibility.

In order for a fountain to really be a decoration of the garden, park or square, it is necessary that it is perfectly constructed. This implies correct installation of quality equipment and materials. Pumps, nozzles, piping, underwater lighting, filtration, waterproofing and other fountain equipment that we install is of highest quality.

Construction of fountains is much more complex than it may seem at first glance. The builders must have an excellent knowledge of fountain technology and they need to adapt the building process to the plan requirements. Construction of fountains requires knowledge from several areas. A fountain should be built, waterproofed, final trim should be made, pumps, filtration systems, as well as underwater lighting, control devices, sensors, nozzles should be installed…

During the fountain construction it is very important to synchronize work rationally, since activities from various fields overlap in many stages. Because of that the construction of fountains and the supervision should be entrusted to specialized, professional and experienced teams, since the correction of particular errors on the fountains often means demolition and work from the beginning.

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